Terry O’Neill
Terry O’Neill makes 3 things—short video profiles for clients, big art projects with artist Tara Cooper, and feature documentaries.
The things he makes are based on true stories. The key to a great story is fieldwork and footwork. He travels all over to collect the stories—to the dusty basement archive of a museum, a dinosaur dig in the Badlands, or in Tornado Alley on the Great Plains. Research is key.
Terry’s approach is based on the theories and techniques and tools of creative non-fiction.
Whether that’s a short profile for a client, or a big metal sculpture, it’s all about telling a sticky story. But, what makes a story sticky? His answer—avoid generalizations; be specific and don’t forget about the unexpected. Look for disruptions. Look for surprise.
When Terry is not making things he teaches design and filmmaking—it’s a real hoot, and he is pretty darn good at it.