Glass Fourteen Youth Public Art Project

Initiated by The Clay & Glass, ‘Glass Fourteen’ gave local high school students the opportunity to collaborate on a permanent, large-scale artwork that deals with current art issues and that has a visible presence in their community.

Student working with glassStudent using blacksmith toolsStudent learning to weld



About the Project
With artist mentor Laurie Spieker, owner of Grand River Glassworks, and Director of Education, Sheila McMath, of the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, high school students from Kitchener and Waterloo created this public artwork. 

The students collaboratively decided on the theme and overall design for this permanent, large-scale installation, and created the fused glass components over seven months, from April 2012 to October 2012. Blacksmith, Sandra Dunn, co-owner of Two Smiths, created the metal armature. The design is a tree image that chronicles the four seasons through natural phenomena and is an impressive 15′ high by 13′. The finished artwork is permanently installed at RIM Park (Manulife Financial Sportsplex)

Thank you to all who made this project possible:

Artist Mentor: Laurie Spieker, Grand River Glassworks

Blacksmith: Sandra Dunn, Two Smiths

Ontario Arts Council Education Project Grant
Region of Waterloo Arts Fund
ComPeters Inc.
Mayor Brenda Halloran
Bill Poole & Louise Dzuryk
Angela Brayham
Karen Scian
City of Waterloo

Bluevale Collegiate Institute, Waterloo:  Aidan Boileau, Rosie Rader
Carmel New Church Secondary School, Kitchener:  Erica Bellinger, Malcolm Riepert
Grand River Collegiate Institute, Kitchener:  Karly Chapman, Rachel Schryver
Rockway Mennonite Collegiate, Kitchener:  Katie Gerber
Sir John A. MacDonald Secondary School, Waterloo:  Leah Deadman, Noelle Wilmering
St. David Catholic Secondary School, Waterloo:  Alena Delena, Ea Laine Delena
St. Mary’s High School, Kitchener:  Alejandra Alfara

In honour of its 20th Anniversary, the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery donated this artwork to the City of Waterloo. On September 28, 2013 we celebrated the official dedication of ‘Glass Fourteen’ with the young artists, family and friends, artist mentors and supporters in attendance.


Thank you to the Supporters of Glass Fourteen!

Education Project Grant:

Past Projects
The ‘Glass Fourteen’ project is the fourth Youth Public Art Project that the education department of The Clay & Glass has facilitated: the ‘Many to One’ project (2005) and the ‘Gateway’ project (2007) were both installed outdoors next to the Gallery; ‘Totem’ project (2009) was installed at the main branch of Waterloo Public Library. The first three projects were created in ceramics and we are excited to now have an opportunity to have students create a public artwork in glass.