From the Collection: A Bestiary
September 21, 2019 to January 5, 2020

The Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery is pleased to present works from its collection as part of A Bestiary. From the beginning of time, the animal world has found its way into the art of humankind in various ways. Animals, fish and birds are, for some, the embodiment of deities; for others they act as metaphors for life experiences. In this exhibition, we look at ceramic, glass and enamel artists who explore the animal world metaphorically, symbolically, with humour and with technical mastery to highlight human concerns and emotions.

The exhibition includes works by: Ardmore Ceramic  Art (South Africa), Rick Ayotte, Baccarat (France), Harold Balazs, Roman Bartkiw, Ann Beam, Carl Beam, Florence Chik-Lau, Daniel Crichton, Ed Drahanchuk, Joe Fafard, David Gilhooly, Jim Hong Louie, Věra Lišková, Janet Macpherson, Leo Mol, Joni Moriyama, Julie Oakes, Orient and Flume Studio (USA), Matthias Ostermann, Perthshire (Scotland), Ann Roberts, Michael Robinson, Ed Roman, Maurice Savoie, Jamie Sherman, Nick Sikkuark, Natalie Silverstein, Steve Smith, Leigh Smith, Paul Stankard, Tim Storey, Jack Sures, Joan Van Damme, Wendy Walgate and Ruth Welsh.

Please join us for the opening reception of our fall exhibitions on Sunday, September 29 at 2:00pm.


Image: Dragon Goblet, 1978. Blown & lampworked glass. Ed Roman. Indusmin Collection. On loan from Unimin Canada Ltd. Photo by Wilhelm Nassau.