Distillations and Eruptions

March 28 to June 16, 2013

Curated by Christian Bernard Singer and Priscilla Hollingsworth







Patsy-Cox_Urban RebutiaDistillations and Eruptions is an exhibition of five large-scale ceramic installations by artists Tina Aufiero (USA), Patsy Cox (USA), Priscilla Hollingsworth (USA), Catherine Paleczny (ON) and Diana Lynn Thompson (BC).

Each of the artists has built an installation composed of dozens to thousands of parts – each work creating its own overall cumulative effect that also underscores a sense of natural organization. Clay bodies range from earthenware to porcelain and some of the artists have used additional materials and processes such as drawing and painting, photography, and digital media.

Distillations in the exhibition title refers to the process of ‘editing’ an artwork until one has reached its core essential. Meanwhile, eruptions are the unforeseen occurrences such as the accidents that occur during the creative process which, in turn, might inspire new creative directions.

Read what Rob Reid wrote about the exhibitions in The Record, as well as Jessie Ho from Imprint and H. G. Watson from The Cord Community.