Invisible Streams – As Above, So Below

September 29, 2012

Alfred and group in the studioThe Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery was proud to present Invisible Streams – As Above, So Below, a hand-blown neon light installation by Toronto artist Alfred Engerer for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2012 at First Canadian Place, Toronto. This project was curated by Christian Bernard Singer and has been made possible in part by The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation – The Musagetes Fund.

For one sleepless night on September 29, Toronto was transformed by hundreds of artists for a celebration of contemporary art from sunset-to-sunrise. Each year the City of Toronto works with a group of curators to commission a series of installations (“Exhibition Projects”) in each of three Exhibition Areas. In addition to 10 commissioned projects, each Exhibition Area includes five projects selected by the curators through an open call process. Selected b y Shauna McCabe, Section “A” Curator, our project was installed on the grounds of First Canadian Place (facing King Street).

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Invisible Streams: As Above, So Below, was an experience-driven installation of hand blown neon tubes and found neon signage suspended within the canopies of trees at First Canadian Place. Lines of vibrantly coloured undulating light and found letters, logos and symbols move through the trees, converging in a whirlwind of activity around a central tree. The work emulates the inner ring structures within the tree trunks and evokes the idea of air currents and the evidence of normally unseen energies travelling through urban and rural locations. While we cannot see the movement and displacement of air, it is witnessed in the way that clouds drift and mutate, that birds soar and glide, that grasses bend, that leaves dance, and in the movement of airborne urban litter. Another subtler stream is found in the presence of bodies of water below the city, from the slowly moving water table to long-buried underground streams that, through erosion and collapse, shape the surface geography we walk upon. A third stream element refers to the notion of ‘streams of consciousness’ and the unconscious absorption of words, letters and symbols that bombard city dwellers on a daily basis—even if the intake is only peripheral.

About the Artist
Alfred Engerer is a glass sculptor, installation artist and a pioneer of hand blown neon art in Canada. Included in over 150 exhibitions and part of important collections internationally, Engerer is interested in the architecture of form be it natural or man made. For this project, he teams up with Orest Tataryn from The Outlaw Neon Group.

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