Reflective Natures and Transparent Landscapes

July 10 – October 2, 2011

SpiraleFeuB3LowMorality has no place in nature – nature simply ‘is.’ Yet, since our earliest beginnings as a sentient species, we have been awed by the elemental forces of nature. Our collective stories, philosophies, and beliefs have served us and comforted us to varying levels as we tried to understand what we could not know. We presumed that nature had an emotional, moral, and ethical awareness. In time of crisis, we ritualized our communion with the land, trusting that nature might look kindly upon us.

Yet, now we face an ever-changing planet that is ill because humans are out of control. We may be at, or have passed, the intersection between our narcissistic relationship with nature and responsible backtracking hinged on the hope that healing may still take place. Meanwhile, changes to the earth continue at a rapid rate and the sixth mass extinction (and the largest ever) may be too late to avoid.

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