January 12 to March 17, 2019

Curated by Sheila McMath

Our domestic experience is defined by the details – a carefully chosen wallpaper pattern, a table set for an evening meal, a small vegetable garden in the backyard, a balcony with an amazing view, a tree-fort that is perpetually ‘under-construction’. The artists in this exhibition explore where we live and how we define a home.

With a cautious nostalgia, artist Pattie Chalmers borrows imagery from the mid 20th century to create ceramic tableaus that are simultaneously familiar and unsettling. Julia Hepburn creates small dream-like dioramas made of polymer clay and mixed media. Her works are distinctive for their strong psychological quality and elusive narratives. Remembering and re-creating the ‘magical’ spaces of childhood, like blanket and tree forts, Jennie Suddick opens up the definition of home to include communal, ‘do-it-yourself’ spaces whose distinction and power is in their impermanence.

This exhibition has been made possible in part by a contribution from:






Images (Top to Bottom): Every Day I Think of You, 2018, Pattie Chalmers; Mother’s Garden (Detail), 2018, Julia Hepburn; The Tree House Project, 2015, Jennie Suddick.