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Episode 1: Toni Losey

In this episode, Toni Losey shows us a small corner of her studio to provide us a look into the sculptural forms she creates that are influenced by growth patterns in the natural environment. With several demonstrations and a discussion of her use of building blocks to develop larger, more complex forms, Losey gives a glimpse into her process and the many steps involved in creating her many-layered works!

Toni Losey, is a Ceramic Artist working in the city of Dartmouth, NS. She received her BFA focus on Ceramics from NSCAD in 2017. While there she drew upon her 15 years of experience as a studio potter to develop an exciting body of sculptural work. She was named one of Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artists 2020. She now shows her work internationally in several galleries in the United States, as a participant in Ceramics Art London and has an upcoming show in Belgium.