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Sarah Hall

Sarah studied architectural glass in Canada, the UK and the Middle East before establishing her own studio in Toronto in 1980. Sarah Hall was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada on December 28, 2019. Her work comprises contemporary art glass at an architectural scale. Over the past forty years she has created hundreds of large-scale artworks for public, private, and institutional settings. In the process she has gained international recognition for her creativity, uncompromising artistry, and the innovative use of solar technology in architectural glass. Sarah is a respected educator and writer in the field of architectural glass with over 35 published articles on the art, history and technology of glass.

For further information view:

Lux Nova, Regent College, Vancouver, BC, 2007.

Singing the Light, Greenwood College School, Toronto, ON, 2016.

Which project does the process shot belong to? Lux Nova or Singing the Light?

Waterglass, Harbourfront Centre Theatre, Toronto, ON, 2011.

Welcoming Light, Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver, BC, 2016.

Which project does the process shot belong to? Waterglass or Welcoming Light?