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Workshops & Classes Refund Policy

100% is refunded with 14 days notice or more. 50% refund is given with less than 14 days notice. We are unable to offer refunds on the day of a class.

Effective May 1, 2022: Date switching is no longer offered for Claytime classes – please choose your date carefully. Thank you!

Damaged works:

Due to the nature of working with clay, pieces may crack or break during drying and firing. While we will do our very best to prevent this from happening, the Gallery cannot guarantee that finished work will be free of issues. Breakages and glaze misfires are part of the process of working clay, even for experienced and professional potters. Each workshop is a chance to build and practice skills. If your piece cracks or breaks, we hope you will come back and try again.

Please note that there is no refund for pieces that are damaged during Claytime Workshops. Evening workshops that are valued at $50 or more per ticket may be eligible to receive a 20% discount. Please contact Shannon at Thank you!