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School Programs 2021/2022

2021/2022 School Programs:

Please click on an option for full details. Workshops are offered in English and French.

Visit the Gallery

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Visit the Gallery

Bring your class for an in-person visit! Explore exhibits and get creative with clay!

Pictured: ‘Garden of the Gods’ Nikola Wojewoda

Bring your class to the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery. A three hour workshop includes observational drawing and discussion in the galley, followed by a creative activity of your choice. Options include:

  • Symmetry and patterns – explore symmetry in art and nature. Students will sketch in the gallery, using graphite paper and tracing paper, or use pieces of paper folded in half to create symmetrical patterns. Then they will create a bowl and decorate it with their symmetrical design. Grades 5 and up can make a mug instead of a bowl.

  • Stop Motion Animation – create a claymation animation inspired by nature. Students will work in teams to build a landscape and each add one character to bring it to life. This workshop encourages teamwork, communication, and storytelling skills. See examples of a stop motion animation by Summer Campers (age 7-11) here.

  • Functional Pottery & Principles of Design – Design your own dishware! Students will study the principles of design using examples at the gallery, which will inform their own designs on a bowl. Grade 5s and up can make a mug instead of a bowl. Teachers are welcome to select which principles of design to focus on.

  • Class art project – do you have an idea for a class art project you would like to make with clay? Chat through ideas with Shannon and we will create a bespoke workshop for your group.


Our 2021 rate is $20 +hst per child (minimum 10 children) for all guided school workshops at the gallery. 

Time slots

For groups of up to 30 students: 9:30am – 12:30pm, with a lunch room available after the workshop, or 10am – 1:30, with a lunch break during the program.

For groups of 30 – 60 students: 10am – 12pm. The group is split in half and both groups swap between 1 hour in the gallery and 1 hour doing a clay activity. Please note that our lunchroom cannot accommodate more than 30 students.

Shorter visits and alternate times are also available to accommodate bus and school schedules.

Teacher / Student Ratio

Please note that schools are responsible for bringing the following number of staff or volunteers with each group:

Pre-school: 1 adult to every 3 students
Grade 1 – Grade 6: 1 adult to every 6 students
Grade 7 and up: 1 adult to every 15 students

*There is no charge for teachers or volunteers

Covid guidelines

  • We are currently offering bookings to school groups on Mondays. The gallery is closed to the public on Mondays and your group would have exclusive access to the exhibits and learning space.
  • Masks to be worn at all times by children and adults.
  • Teachers and parent volunteers will be asked to log their contact details for contact tracing.
  • Instructors are double vaccinated.
  • Participants will be instructed to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer.
  • High touch surfaces and tools are sanitized before and after every workshop.

All programs are offered in English and French

Outreach and Virtual

These workshops can be booked with a Clay Class Pack or they can be booked independently if you have access to your own materials.

Intro to Clay

Virtual only

1 hour

*Price does not include materials. Order your Clay Class Pack separately.

During this live zoom workshop, your instructor will demonstrate basic building techniques (pinch pot, coil pot, and slab if you have rolling pins).

You will also learn how to decorate pieces with underglaze and see examples of what you can build with the techniques you’ve learned.

This 1 hour virtual workshop is designed to get you started on a project that you will complete afterwards.

Bespoke Workshop

Virtual or
In Person

3 Hours

*Price does not include materials. Order your Clay Class Pack separately.

We will work with you to develop a clay workshop for your class.

This is a great opportunity to create cross-curricular links by making clay pieces inspired by any subject. Make clay board game pieces, story characters, animals, or models for concepts you are exploring in class.

Our bespoke workshops can be done in person at local schools or virtually. During in person workshops at your school, we can bring rolling pins to do slab work.

Stop Motion Animation

Virtual or
In Person

3 Hours

*Price does not include materials. Order your Clay Class Pack separately.

Learn how to use the Stop Motion Studio app to bring your stories to life!

Students will work in groups to create stop motion videos of plants and landscapes. This workshop can be used as an intro. After the workshop, students can use the skills they’ve learned to design their own stop motion school projects.

This workshop relies on access to tablets with Stop Motion Studio installed. If you book an in-person workshops, we will bring 5 ipads for students to use in groups.

The workshop can be run using clay (from Clay Class Pack) or other materials you source in advance (paper & plasticine). If you order a Clay Class Pack, the pieces you make during this workshop can be fired in a kiln.

Example of a Stop Motion Film made at the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery by Summer Art Campers, Age 7-11. See more films here.

All programs are offered in English and French

Clay Class Packs

Have clay materials delivered to your classroom! Book with a clay workshop – or if you’re confident with clay, you can book it separately and run your own lessons.

Each class pack includes materials, delivery, & firing for max 30 students


Each Clay Class Pack includes:

  • 1 box of Clay – 20kg box of cone 6 clay 
  • Red, yellow and blue underglaze – Primary colours can be mixed to create more colours. 8oz of each colour. 
  • Printed instructions – basic tips and tricks 
  • 30 work surfaces – 1 foot x 1 foot pieces of drywall
  • 60 paintbrushes – 30 medium and 30 small brushes
  • 30 skewers – for cutting and shaping clay   
  • 30 sponges – for smoothing out surfaces
  • 1 wire cutter – for cutting clay into portions
  • 30 plastic plates & 10 plastic bowls – for palettes and water.
    If you’d prefer to use your own re-usable plates and bowls, please let us know.

***Rolling pins are available for loan. Please let Shannon know if you would like to loan a class set. Returnable deposit required.


Delivery service includes three trips within Kitchener, Waterloo, or a 20km radius of the gallery: 

  1. Delivery of your Clay Class Pack to your school 
  2. Picking up unfired artwork at your school and bringing it to the gallery to be fired in a kiln 
  3. Delivery of finished pieces to your school


Kiln service includes two firings and glaze dipping at the gallery:

  • Our studio team will bisque fire and glaze fire all pieces.
  • After bisque firing, pieces are dipped in a clear glaze.
  • Glaze coated pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe.


The 2021 Clay Class Pack rate is: 

  • $425 + hst with delivery service 
  • $350 + hst if your school is handling all pick-ups and delivery. Please note that finished pieces must be picked up within 30 days or a $50 late fee applies.

Free tutorials

We are building free learning resources for schools. Let us know what you would like to see!

Contact Shannon with your ideas for artist videos, worksheets, tutorials and school projects.

(519) 746-1882 extension 233

Clay Tutorials

Click here for the full playlist.

Let us know what techniques you’d like to see!

Artist Talks Online

Click here for the full playlist and learn from local artists! This series of online artist talks provides in-depth information about the creative process and artistic techniques.

At Home Clay Recipes

Try one of these recipes – click on the image to view a downloadable PDF.

Booking info

Please contact Shannon at
(519) 746-1882 x233