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Play with Clay at Home

Get creative at home and have your artwork fired in a kiln at the gallery! Firing costs are included in the kit price. Finished pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Visit our Youtube page for online tutorials about basics of working with clay and project ideas. Make whatever you like out of clay!

We have three kit options:

  • Claytime @ Home Kit
    1.5 pounds of clay, 5 colours of underglaze, and basic tools / $22 + HST / order online
  • Date Night @ Home Kit
    A bottle of wine and 2 Claytime @ Home kits / $60 + HST / order online

How it works: Order your kit online, pick it up at the gallery, and then return your pieces to be fired. We will email you when your artwork is ready to pick up. It takes 2-3 weeks for us to bisque fire and glaze fire pieces. Our studio team individually dips functional pieces in a clear glaze for a food-safe finish. This 2-3 period includes waiting for pieces to be air-dry before they go in the kiln. We wait for pieces to be fully dry to reduce risk of pieces cracking and exploding in the kiln.

Explore the world of clay in this fun and engaging at home beginner pottery kit! Discover the basics of hand building and decorating, no experience necessary. Multiple demonstration video’s can be found on our YouTube channel to follow along with, or feel free to make your own unique creation!

Play with Clay at Home kit includes all the materials you’ll need to make your own creation, along with things you have around your house.

Demonstration Videos

Charcuterie Plate Kit

Explore the world of clay with this fun and engaging at home beginner pottery kit! Learn how to build your very own ceramic charcuterie plate and design a stamp or stencil to decorate it! Participants of all skill levels are welcome to come participate. Our tutorial will guide you through the basics of slab building, stencil making, and stamp creating in an online video to help you design your ideal charcuterie plate.

Click here to reserve your kit!

Please note the Gallery does not offer refunds on the Play with Clay at Home Kits. Contact us if you encounter any issues or problems.

Date Night Workshop @ Home Kit

The Clay & Glass is excited to now offer ongoing Date Night Workshop Kits for a creative at home activity! 

A fun night for couples, roommates, families, or to just treat yourself!

Follow along with YouTube videos on hand building techniques, as well as the basics of decorating your pots. Participants will then be able to create any pieces that they desire! You then drop the work off to be fired and will get to take home a fully finished, glazed ceramic piece!

Open to all experiences levels.

Once ordered, you will be contacted to choose your preferred underglaze colour palette.

 19+ only – all kits will include a bottle of white or red wine