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Nature Inspired


A flower opening in the morning sun. A rainstorm darkening the sky. Dead trees covered with mushrooms and moss. The changing colours of the sea, and of the seasons. The natural world as long been a source of inspiration for artists who perceive and render it as a metaphor or symbol, poetically or realistically.

The exhibition Natured Inspired presents such works found in our permanent collection. Clay, glass and copper enamel artists shown here offer their interpretation of the natural world, its botanical specimens and its landscapes – in sculptures, two-dimensional pieces and functional wares.

Catalogue features essays from Denis Longchamps, Executive Director; Peter Flannery, Assistant Curator; and Jonathan Smith, Curator Emeritus, Art Gallery of Burlington.

23 pages, full colour
8.25 x 10.25 in, soft cover
ISBN 978-1-928022-24-4

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In Concert


The exhibition In Concert presents works by artists sharing a studio, permanently or occasionally. They might work independently or collaboratively, sharing their space and their passion for clay or glass. The seven teams we are showcasing are families, couples, partners, friends or employers and employees.

The Surettes, Richard and Susan and their daughter Akycha share a family ceramic studio but have independent work practices as do ceramic artists Maureen Marcotte, her spouse David MacKenzie and their daughter Annie.  Life partners and ceramists Thomas Aitken and Kate Hyde, glass artists Caroline Ouellette and Patrick Primeau and, also working with glass, Karina Guévin and Cédric Ginart, share their respective studios, working sometimes collaboratively while pursuing independent projects. Glass artists and friends Laura Donefer and Jeff Mack shared a studio briefly during the completion of a few special collaborative projects. Soffi Studio is composed of husband and wife team, Kris Gene and Eva Milinkovic and their employees Robert O’Dell and Amy Raganit.

They all work In Concert to produce a symphony of works that delight and fascinate, intrigue, and invite to contemplation.

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Public Art in Glass

Erratum: on page 4, the credit for Eric Wesslow’s Canada photo should be to Kathy Kranias.

ISBN: 978-1-928022-15-2

Public Art in Glass explores the practice and creative process of four award winning Canadian glass artists who focus on public art projects. Including works by Warren Carther, Sarah Hall, Robert Jekyll, and Michèle Lapointe, this exhibition demonstrates the development of public glass art from its beginnings in stained glass to contemporary applications that include solar cells, colours, and a wide range of additional materials. Art has been used in the public sphere for centuries to embellish, to commemorate people and events of historical importance, to educate, to assert power. Today, public art often focuses on local community values where it transforms the surrounding landscape to highlight issues and questions of the moment. 

The catalogue features essays by Executive Director and Chief Curator, Denis Longchamps, as well as Dr. Shirley Ann Brown and Kathy Kranias that explore the history of public glass art projects from their early Canadian beginnings in Cathedrals to contemporary projects that are part of this exhibition.
$12 – Available in the Gallery Shop or Online

On Collecting Clay and Glass

ISBN: 978-1-928022-16-9

Most of the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery’s acquisitions are received as donations either from artists directly, or from corporate and private collections. On Collecting Clay and Glass presents four private collections to show a small sample of the diversity that these mediums offer. It includes works from the visual arts, craft, design and the decorative arts. Collecting can take many forms based on one’s personal taste and interest. For that reason, private collections are often more varied and will include, apart from clay and glass objects, paintings, textiles and furniture, prints, drawings and sculptures. For this exhibition, we selected a variety of pieces from two collections, and focused on a specific object for the other two, illustrating some of the possibilities of the intellectual and aesthetic pursuits of their owners.

On Collecting Clay and Glass includes an essay by Executive Director and Chief Curator Denis Longchamps, as well as a profile on each of the collectors featured in the exhibition written by Assistant Curator Peter Flannery.
$16 – Available in the Gallery Shop or Online

From the Collection: A Bestiary

ISBN: 978-1-928022-12-1

The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery is presenting from its collection A Bestiary. From the beginning of time, the animal world has found its way into the art of humankind in various ways. Animals, fish and birds are, for some, the embodiment of deities; for others they act as metaphors for life experiences. In From the Collection: A Bestiary, we look at ceramic, glass and enamel artists that explored the animal world metaphorically, symbolically, with humour and technical mastery to highlight human concerns and emotions.

$16 – Available in the Gallery Shop or Online

Whale Fall

ISBN: 978-1-928022-12-1

Nicholas Crombach & Nurielle Stern

This catalogue accompanies the first collaborative exhibition of artists Nicholas Crombach and Nurielle Stern, entitled “Whale Fall”, at the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery from July 2 to September 8, 2019. It features an introduction by Denis Longchamps, an essay by Esmé Hogeveen, full colour reproductions of the works and the exhibition installation, as well as a poetic response to the work in the exhibition written by Nurielle Stern.

$12 – Available in the Gallery Shop or Online

The Eye of the Beholder

Joon Hee Kim

This catalogue accompanies the inaugural summer courtyard exhibition “The Eye of the Beholder”, featuring the ceramic work of artist Joon Hee Kim in the John A. Pollock Family Courtyard at the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery from June 1 to September 8, 2019. The catalogue features an introduction by Denis Longchamps and numerous full colour reproductions of Joon Hee Kim’s ceramic sculptures alongside studio and installation photography.

$25 – Available in the Gallery Shop or Online

Ann Roberts Monograph

ISBN: 978-1-928022-09-1

As part of celebrating its 25th Anniversary, the Gallery has produced a monograph chronicling the career of ceramic artist and Gallery founder Ann Roberts.

The monograph features numerous colour reproductions of Roberts’ ceramic work. It includes essays by Canadian scholars, Gloria Hickey and Leopold L. Foulem, a foreword by Gallery Curator Sheila McMath, and a biographical timeline of Roberts’ career.

Available in the Gallery Shop or Online

Ann Roberts: With Both Fear and Intrepid Enthusiasm

ISBN: 978-0-9784886-8-0

95 pages, colour, with photography by Karl Griffiths-Fulton and Pirak Studios. Foreword by exhibition curator Christian Bernard-Singer. Essays by Bernard-Singer, Leopold F. Foulem and Gloria Hickey.
$45 plus shipping + tax

Available in the Gallery Shop or Online

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