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Creative Connections
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We believe craft & creativity promote healthy wellbeing by building connections with ourselves and the world around us. Our programs at the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery aim to help people feel connected. To ourselves, people close to us, our communities, and the environment.

How do you connect through craft?

Connect with yourself

  • Learn a new skill
  • Make something by hand
  • Take time to look at an artwork

Connect with people close to you

  • Visit the gallery with a friend
  • Take part in a family workshop. Enjoy being creative together and take home skills that will inspire you to be creative at home

Connect with your community

  • See artwork that reflects our diverse community, created by local artists and community groups
  • Take part in a workshop to connect with other crafters and get inspired by what people in the group create

Connect with the environment and the wider world

  • Explore how contemporary craft is engaging with environmental, political, and social justice issues through our exhibits and programs. See our upcoming and past exhibits.

Connect with us:

We are looking to expand our partnerships to improve how we serve diverse communities in the Waterloo and Kitchener area. If you’d like to connect with us, please email Camryn at to discuss partnership and outreach opportunities. 

Community partners we’ve worked with recently as part of the Sharing Experiences program include Thresholds Homes and Supports, Focus for Ethnic Women, Bridges to Belonging, and the Alzheimer Society of Waterloo Wellington.

Header Image from ‘Sharing Experiences: Thresholds Homes and Supports