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School Workshops Gallery

Symmetrical Clay Plates

Abraham Erb Public School Grades 4 to 6

Symmetrical Clay Plates

École élémentaire l’Harmonie Grade 5

Symmetrical Clay Plates

Shad Canada summer program Grade 10

Fun and Functional Pinch Pots

Abraham Erb Public School Grades 3 and 4

Fun and Functional Pinch Pots

Grand River Christian School Grade 5 and 6

Clay Characters – painted with acrylics back at school

Wellesley Public School Grade 5

Clay Characters are left unglazed so students can paint them back at school with acrylic paints. Students did a fabulous job adding vibrant colours to their artwork!

Unpainted Clay Animals – Habitats

Instructor Examples

These pieces haven’t been painted yet. Clay pieces form this workshop are designed to be painted with acrylics after they come out of the kiln. The clay animals are shown on a tablecloth decorated with different habitats.