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Outside In

Images (clockwise from top): blue lovers no landscape (concept drawing), Rory MacDonald, landscape colour field #17, Orest Tataryn, By Hook or By Crook (detail), Vanessa Yanow and John Tinholt, Paperscapes, Dear Human

Part 1: May 28 to September 4
Part 2: July 10 to September 4

The Summer 2016 exhibition Outside In is divided into two parts. This first installation component sees the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery participating as a curatorial partner with CAFKA (Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area) in their 2016 Biennial CAFKA.16: What we do together that we can’t do alone. The Gallery has produced site-specific installations by artists Rory MacDonald, Jasna Sokolovic & Noel O’Connell of Dear Human, Orest Tataryn, and Vanessa Yanow in collaboration with John Tinholt. These works have been created and installed in public spaces in close proximity to the Gallery.

Rory MacDonald’s blue lovers no landscape turns the Silver Lake drainage area into a real-life physical incarnation of the Blue Willow Pattern (an 18th century china pattern containing specific motifs such as a fence, body of water, and a pair of flying birds). Rory references these elements of the pattern with ceramic birds and a banner along the fence. The location and relationship of both components draw attention to the body of water separating each.

Dear Human has subtly infiltrated the Waterloo Public Library with Paperscapes, a paper clay tableau of furniture. The installation invites viewers to explore materiality and functionality of the objects and their surroundings.

Orest Tataryn’s neon work landscape colour field # 17 can be found installed in a window at the Visitor and Heritage Information Centre. This work responds directly to the landscape with bold bands of colour fields signifying the various features of the landscape.

By Hook or By Crook is inspired by an unfinished 1970s hooked rug. Vanessa Yanow in collaboration with John Tinholt have created a new version of this abandoned rug by making an iteration of itself as a carpet that flies on the wall of Lens Mill Store.  Freed from the confines of domesticity and a life of downtrodden drudgery, the rug takes off with such speed that its own floral motif begins to slide off of itself.

Part 2 of Outside In will feature works by the same artists in the Gallery space.  The new pieces will reference the outdoor public installations.

Works in the public space will be on view starting on Saturday, May 28. The Opening Reception for the works in the Gallery is Sunday, July 10 at 2pm. This event is free and all are welcome.

About CAFKA:
Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area is a non-profit, artist-run organization that presents a free biennial exhibition of contemporary art in the public spaces of the City of Kitchener and across the Region of Waterloo. Between exhibitions and throughout the year CAFKA promotes art education through its public tours and workshops, videos, public lectures and other ancillary programs and events.

The CAFKA biennial serves as the vehicle for the expression of the community of artists, arts professionals, art students and friends of contemporary art in the public spaces of the cities of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge, Ontario. It is created to take the experience of contemporary art out of the gallery, to present it as a critical and integral part of community life, and to make that experience accessible to everyone in the Region. The exhibition is curated to engage public discourse around issues of public and private space, bringing groundbreaking artists from around the world to contribute to the discussion. CAFKA is committed to working with local technology companies to support new and experimental work in visualization and communication projects and to develop exploratory humanistic content for existing visualization systems.





Earthborn is the annual, juried exhibition of work by members of the Waterloo Potters’ Workshop.  This cooperative group, established in 1968, is located in Waterloo Park and occupies the historic Jacob Eby farmhouse, which functions as a work/learn space for members and a teaching facility for the public. Earthborn was first held in 1976 at the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery and has been hosted at various local galleries over the past 40 years.

This year Earthborn will be juried by Carmela Laganse. Laganse received her BFA at the University of Manitoba and her MFA at Ohio University. She has worked, taught and exhibited in Canada, Europe and the US. Her work was recently featured in Close Quarters at The Clay & Glass in winter 2016.


A small group of dedicated teens has been working since November 2015 on an exhibition of ceramic and glass works. Please join us as we celebrate the creativity and commitment of these young artists. Learn more about art4teens here.