Future Exhibitions

May 5 to September 2, 2018

Chronicle: 25 Years at the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery

Curated by Tsukiko Keogh & Andrew Bucsis

Opening Reception for The Glass Canvas, April 17, 1994. Visitors contemplating stained glass work by Stuart Reid.


Preview: Sunday, April 8 at 2:00 pm. Exhibition opens to the public on May 5 and runs until September 2, 2018.

Explore the archives of The Clay & Glass as it celebrate a quarter century of silica arts. Unearthed from the vaults, this exhibit reflects on 25 years of the people and events that have shaped the Gallery’s history.

The exhibition will be held at the City of Waterloo Visitor and Heritage Information Centre, located at 10 Father David Bauer Drive, Waterloo, ON.






This exhibition is made possible in part by contributions from: