Future Exhibitions



Fall Exhibition Season

September 18 to December 31, 2016

Opening Reception: Sunday, September 18 • 2pm



Works featured in this exhibition reinterpret the familiar and ask viewers to reconsider the beauty inherently found in functional objects. Sculptural objects made of hot-formed glass, cast bronze and wood are inspired by domestic objects, tools and family history. This exhibition will feature both previously exhibited works from the ‘utensil’ and ‘fastener’ series, and debut several new works that reference simple domestic objects including buckles, clasps and textile tools.

Lou Lynn’s exhibition, Tools as Artifacts, is on view at the David Kaye Gallery in Toronto September 1 – 25. Meet the artist September 10 2-4pm.

Lynn’s exhibition has received support from:




Ione Thorkelsson: A Natural History of Utopias


Hybrid creatures, modified plant life and an accumulation of animal ‘bones’ made from glass casting are beautiful and troubling and explore the consequences of human intervention in the natural world.

Thorkelsson’s exhibition has received support from:





Past Winners of the Shantz & RBC Awards

This exhibition features works from the permanent collection by previous winners of the RBC Award for Glass & Winifred Shantz Award for Ceramics. The 2016 Winners will be presented at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, November 12

On Firm Ground: a reposition of being

September 16 to October 16, 2016
Foyer Gallery
Guest Curator, Patricia Deadman

An exhibition of a selection of ceramic works from the permanent collection of the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery (CCGG) and the Woodland Cultural Centre (WCC) to coincide with the Mush Hole Project; a collaborative project with community members, partners and the University of Waterloo.

Artists: Ann Beam, Anong Beam, Peter Jones, Steve Smith, Leigh Smith and Santee Smith present ceramic works that rearticulate cultural values, readdress the notion of modernity and influences of the cultural legacy left behind by the residential school system.